International Consulting
Hernandez García & Asociados Firm was able to unify criteria on International Law for the development of ideas that can be applied to The United States, Dominican Republic and The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, where we are authorized to exercise the free practice of law:
  • Design of tactics, optimization of the personal and legal assets, under the principle of world income.
  • Compliance of International, commercial and tax treaties in order to avoid double taxation
  • Legal intermediation within The United States, in the state of Florida, for Venezuelans.
  • We process the homologation of sentences issued in a foreign country for its legality and effective compliance in the exequatur Venezuelan Territory.
  • Certification of public and private administrative acts, of fiscal, commercial, civil or financial nature that have been carried out in The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela and also have legal implication in the state of Florida (U.S.A)
  • Application of the Hague Convention, to validate documents abroad by the contracting countries (Apostilles.)
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